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   Fermented Flavour   

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[ zahy-mol-uh-jee ]

The science of, or knowledge concerning, fermentation.

The Zymologists is an artisan sourdough bakery based in sale, Manchester.

Choose from sourdough boules, batons or sandwich loaves made with a variety of different grains, flours and flavours. We use a range of gourmet additions and exciting flavour combinations that can go equally with food or on their own.


With our loaves you can make taking sandwiches to work actually taste good, seriously up your brunch game, impress your dinner guests, add a crusty loaf to a hearty midweek meal, or just know there’is always a delicious snack in the house.


Our breads use premium flour and the highest quality ingredients so that you get best nutrition and flavour possible.


As we use a number of allergens in our bakery all of our products may contain nuts, seeds, soya, milk products, eggs and gluten; but most of our varieties are Vegan, and all are vegetarian friendly and you can check the providence of any item by looking at Our Suppliers and we would be happy to answer questions or accommodate requests if we can. 

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