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  • Do you offer gluten free breads?
    Unfortunately, no - the nature of the bakery means that it is impossible to avoid contamination due to the amount of flour dust in the air. Many people who struggle to eat industrially made bread find that they do not suffer the same with sourdough, however please consult a medical or dietary expert before trying our bread if you had been advised to follow a gluten free diet.
  • What allergens are in your bread?
    We use a number of allergens in our bread recipes such as wheat/gluten, dairy, seeds, sesame, nuts and soya and consequently none of our bread is guaranteed to be allergen free. We can answer specific questions regarding individual recipes if you need that information.
  • Are your breads Vegetarian or Vegan?
    The majority of our bread contain no animal products and are Vegan friendly, however a few recipes do contain cheese and other dairy and are suitable for Vegetarians. These are named accordingly ("Jalapeno and Cheese" etc.) and labelled in the individual product information. Please ask if you are in any doubt or require further information.
  • What is the difference between sourdough and "normal" bread?"
    Please see our "Why Sourdough?" page for more detailed information; but sourdough uses natural wild yeasts within the atmosphere to make bread, allowing it to rise and give sourdough its distinctive taste, rather that adding any commercial yeast.
  • Do you take orders or custom requests?
    Yes - we are more than happy to discuss making something specific to your tastes, or just ensuring that what you want will be in stock for you when you come in. Use the contact us page, call us or drop in to discuss it over a coffee!
  • Where do your ingredients come from?
    We have an "Our Suppliers Page" where we link to the companies that we use for the majority of our ingredients and suppliers for non-food items, however we cannot guarantee that all individual items will be listed or that on occasion we will source from an alternative source. If something is of particular concern please feel free to contact us for more specific information.
  • Do you serve alcohol?
    We do not have a liquor license however some events held at Zymologists may allow a “Bring Your Own” policy. This will be at our discretion and we kindly ask you respect our instructions on what is acceptable and are considerate of other customers and our neighbours during these events.
  • What Payment Methods do you accept?
    Zymologists is a cash free business - this is for security and food safety and hygiene reasons. We take card and contactless payments.
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