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Oven Ordered

Last summer I went to visit Tom Chandley Ovens in Denton to view their product range. It was a great day where I got to explore their test bakery, see their ovens in action, tour the factory and meet their lovely director, Martin Dyson.

Tom Chandley have been making ovens for over 75 years, and produce a huge range of high-end baking equipment including ovens, mixers, proovers and even pop-corn machines. They supply a huge range of commercial bakers and have well known customers such as supermarkets in the UK but are sold worldwide.

Their ovens are all built here in Manchester to order and have a number of features including steam injection and programmable baking cycles. This automation helps ensure a consistent product and minimise the amount of supervision needed by the baker – perfect for someone like me in small set up!

I got to see everything from the steel fabrication, the heating element assembly and the electronic components production – all very interesting and exciting for an ex-engineer like myself! While I was sure that I wanted one of their fabulous Compacta Deck Ovens, I didn’t actually have anywhere to put it for a long time, but I am very happy to announce that today I finally have been able to order the oven that will be the heart of the Zymologists Sourdough Bakery.

We eagerly await its delivery in 4-6 weeks!!

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