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Real Bread Week

This week is Sustain’s “Real Bread Week”.

So who are Sustain? And what is Real Bread Week all about? Well, Sustain is a campaign group and advocates and lobbies on behalf of a number of different food and agricultural issues in Britain that is working to improve a number of issues such as sustainability, children’s dietary health, minimising food waste, food poverty and better hospital food.

One of their projects is the Real Bread Campaign, of which Zymologists is a Level 2 member, which aims to get a legal definition and protection for real bread, inspire better communities through the baking of real bread and to support those who make it.

This week is their annual event to encourage people to discover and buy bread from their local independent bakery and (hopefully) convert them to the wonders and benefits of true artisan baking. It is about educating people about the differences between carefully crafted and mass produced loaves and getting people to ask about what actually goes into their bread. Its about letting people experience everything real bread has to offer, with its crusty, crunchy and rich flavours, rather than the limp, anaemic, foamy stuff that has taken over our supermarket shelves.

There are a number of events as part of the week that focus on different groups, such as “Doughy Digits” that is about getting children baking - and eating – bread without artificial additives or colours, but this years headliner is “ Together We Rise ”. This is to promote helping some of the more vulnerable in society through baking; such those with a mental or physical disability, long term illness, older people, those living emotionally isolated or alone, ex-offenders, those struggling to settle after being in the armed services, or new to the country. The aim is to provide community events that can allow these people to attend in a welcoming and comfortable environment where they can learn a new skill, meet their neighbours and experience the therapeutic powers of creating and enjoying delicious bread.

I am very disappointed that Zymologists will not be up and running in time to be part of it in 2020, but I ask you to check out the Real Bread Campaign, Real Bread Week and Together We Rise. I feel like these are important and worthwhile causes, that have many common values with what I am trying to achieve, so please leave some comments/ideas about how we could support such an endeavour once we are opened. Would you like a regular coffee morning meet-up? Would you like baking classes? Do you want to learn more about sourdough and its nutrition?

Let us know!

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