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Zymologists will be temporarily closing for a while to make some changes and come back even better!

I have been operating for a while now with “bread-to-takeaway only” offering, and hope that you have enjoyed our loaves, but it was always the intention to be a café – with a much bigger range of food and drinks, both hot and cold, as well as bread. I also want to be able to allow people to sit in to dine, enjoy the space and relax rather than dashing in and out.

To do this I will need some time to makes some changes in the kitchen, hire some additional staff, create a delicious menu and make sure that when we welcome you to sit in, it is safe to do so.

It has been a very difficult time to start up a business, and the latest government announcement doesn’t really offer any respite, but it is also a sign that I cannot wait any longer for the situation to change – Zymologists must move forward – but to do so may take a while and I cannot give you a firm date for the relaunch as yet.

I want to thank all of my customers who have given me such great support and encouragement over the last few months – please don’t worry this is not goodbye, just a “Ta Ta for Now”.

Hope to see you soon!

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